What If Disney’s Villains Had Won


I was walking down the Time Square when I saw that huge Disney shop and after that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about this: ‘What is the Disney’s Villains had won?’As children we grew up with fairy tales and cartoons that ended with our protagonists living ”happy ever after”. In the magical world of Disney the princesses are always pretty, and good always triumphs over evil. we all wanted the good Disney characters to prevail over the bad guys. Naturally no one hoped to see Ariel get thrown back in the sea or Bambi fall down a well.(Well, not normal kids.)

But with time new senses of humor come, and lots of us tend to laugh at the ”darker” sides of comedy .So what if the things were different? I mean, let us look at things from a different perspective. What if the villains were the ones whose dreams came true? If evil  beat good and basket in its glory, then the whole way we see the world would change. For example, Cruella de Vil models her fur coat made of Dalmatians as the evil sea witch Ursula feasts on Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttle . Would we really like these endings to the stories? Of course we wouldn’t because what sense of hope or satisfaction would an ending like this give to the readers and viewers?

What we all expect and want to see from Disney movies is that after all the difficulties the good character eventually gains happiness. It is this emotion that makes us love these movies, no  matter how old we are. But in order to find happiness, the heroes have to beat the villains first. We want this to happen because we connect this heroes with ourselves and the problems that we face every day.

So we can easily understand  how badly treated villains are. They are used by the scriptwriters so that the goodies live the perfect life and always come out on top. But have you ever thought of the psychological problems that the sound of the ticking clock in the crocodile caused to Captain Hook? But of course we don’t care because Peter Pan must win, and win he does!

So what we learn from these stories is that we can overcome every difficulty and every unfortunate event if we have faith in our powers, inner strength…and of course in fairies!(That’s why we call them fairy tales)!But why do the baddies always have to lose or die?  Wouldn’t it be a great revenge just for one time to see the baddies win? After all, in a battle between good and evil, only one side can eventually prevail… or  maybe not?

By Maria Tirta


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